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Manage all steps

Industrial wastes, demolition materials, excavated soils, polluted waters or air hygiene, EMTS brings you the suitable technical solution to your problematic, whether it is recycling, recovery or decontamination. Previous Agreement Certificate (CAP), Waste Identification Form ( FID), Waste Tracking Slip ( BSD ), Loading/Unloading process, Cross-Border procedure, selection of the suitable transport means, negociation of the disposal costs with the networks, etc. EMTS takes the responsability of all the waste network stages ensuring an exemplary traceability. EMTS is also declared in Prefecture for its trading activities, brokerage and hazardous and non-hazardous waste carriage.


Add value and propose new opportunities

For each kind of waste, EMTS implements an exhaustive characterization process for your wastes which includes the innovative treatment industry. Beyond the standard facility of waste storage (ISDI,ISDND or ISDD), new optimization ways are nowadays provided by EMTS: waterway transport, re-use on building site, export, valorization in cement works, recycling, on site treatment, etc …

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